New Member FAQ

New Member FAQs

Welcome to the MINK website! The following questions are frequently asked by new and returning members of MINK.

We hope this information will assist you in maximizing your MINK membership.

Q: I’ve joined MINK–How do I post jobs with PracticeLink?
A: For information on getting your jobs added to the MINK website, please contact Alisa French at 800-776-8383 ext 891.

Q: I haven’t been receiving my emails from the MINK list. Who do I contact?
A: For any questions or problems concerning the MINK website or mailing list, contact Wendy Gwinn or (304) 250-4473. All issues will be answered and problems fixed promptly.

Q: My information is different from what is showing in the Membership Directory. How do I get it changed?
A: To get information changed on the website, you can contact Jill Mick at, and she will help to get the information fixed.

Q: How do I send an email to the MINK network?
A: To send an email to the MINK network, simply address it to at this form and send it to Paula Johnson.

If there are any further questions you would like to see answered under this section, please email those to Wendy Case at