Membership Renewal

2016 MINK Membership

The 2016 MINK Membership invoice is available for download at the base of this webpage. Dues for 2016 MINK Membership are $200.00.

• MINK Membership is by calendar year (January – December).
• Membership is per individual, not per facility.
• Membership renewal is requested in the third quarter each year.
• Members are encouraged to submit renewal prior to January 1.
• Dual Membership in ASPR is encouraged.
• New MINK memberships are accepted throughout the year.
• Members in job transition may retain their membership (see below)*
• Membership applications are reviewed by the Membership Committee Chair for eligibility.

Please mail completed Invoice and check, payable to MINK , to:

c/o Marcy Lechner – MINK Treasurer
Director Physician Support Services
Stormont-Vail Healthcare
1500 SW Tenth Avenue
Topeka, KS 66604

New and returning members to MINK are asked to complete the MINK 2015 Member Data survey accessible through the link If you completed the 2015 Member Data Survey, please proceed to the survey via the link and answer questions 1-6.

*Members who find themselves in job transition are able to retain their membership until the end of the current calendar year. If the member remains in transition, the following guidelines apply:
1. Members who had been active in MINK for 1 – 2 years, may renew their membership one additional year at ½ the current Annual Fee.
2. Members who had been active for 3+ years, may renew for one additional year of membership at NO COST.

For more information regarding MINK membership contact:
Charlene L Plotycia
MINK Membership Coordinator
Children’s Mercy Hospital Kansas City

2016 Membership Invoice

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